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Pelvic Floor Prolapse

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Heart care

Our London Obs Gynae Consultant will take a full history, followed by examination and investigations, if requested, including laboratory tests and ultrasound scan. Advice will be given regarding modalities of treatment, as discussion about contraception, inserting coils at same setting or indeed infertility treatment. A full medical report will be given. Our aim is to provide a modern service in a friendly and professional manners, in a way that is easily understood by all clients. Confidentiality is our theme of practice and patients can be assured of trust imposed upon us.

For the safety of our other patients and staff, please only proceed if:

1. You do not have a fever

2. You do not have a new, continuous cough

3. You do not have shortness of breath

4. You do not have a loss of taste or smell

If you do have any of the above, please self-isolate for 14 days

We Are taking all precautions to ensure you a safe and secure visit.

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    Pricing List

    Initial consultation£250
    Follow up consultation£225
    Cervical smear£95
    Pelvic ultrasound scanfrom £180
    Insertion of copper coil£160 (including supply of coil, procedure and sterile pack)
    Insertion of Mirena coil£250 (including supply of coil, procedure and sterile pack)
    STD Screen for bacterial£95
    STD Screen for bacterial & viral£185
    STD screen in full£450 ( full screen HIV, Hepatitis B & C, chlamydia & gonorrhoea)


    Polycystic ovary profile£525
    Fertility ultrasound scan£180
    Hormone profile each£75 (βHCG, FSH, LH Oestrogen)


    Cervical biopsy£185
    Cervical cone biopsy (LLETZ)£450

    For operative procedure such as hysteroscopy, myomectomy, laparoscopy etc depends on the procedure code and hospital of choice.

    Almost all gynaecology procedures are covered but you need to check with your provider to know the exact code and procedure in order to obtain authorisation prior to any treatment.

    Early pregnancy scan£140
    Anatomy scan 20-22 weeks£225
    Growth ultrasound scan£200
    Laboratory antenatal profile tests. (full blood count, thyroid tests, glucose, rubella, Hepatitis B & C, HIV, toxoplasmosis, chickenpox)£450
    Harmony test£400

    Please note that hospital charges, laboratory tests and ultrasound scans are charged separately.

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