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A wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic options for obstetrical and gynaecological services. As an example:

  • Expertise consultations
  • Routine pregnancy and full obstetric care
  • Full Women’s health gynaecological care
  • Infertility investigations and treatment
  • Diagnosis and management of hormonal and endocrine disorders, including polycystic ovaries syndrome
  • Routine cervical pap smears and treatment for abnormal cervical smear
  • Surgical procedures, including keyhole laparoscopic surgery for treatment of:
    Endometriosis, Fibroids, Menorrhagia, Infertility, Prolapse, Ovarian cysts, Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy, Caesarian Section.

If you have been attending a NHS hospital or other doctors care, you are of course welcome to review your case for any issues of concern.

Normal pregnancy and labour is not covered by Insurance, unless your policy and type of Insurance covers that.

Generally pregnancy complications, as miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy is covered. However you are advised to check for your cover prior seeking treatment.

Gynaecological consultations, treatment, investigations and treatment all covered by your medical Insurance and you are advised to contact them before your visit.

We have on clinic site ultrasound scan facilities and phlebotomy blood tests taken on site and referred to a renewed doctor’s laboratory for analysis. Treatment can be given at first visit, should that be office treatment as fitting coils (IUCD) , having cervical smears with / without giving Human Papilloma Vaccination (HPV) and performing Colposcopy and Biopsy as required.

This often our aim to see you promptly on time, or earlier if feasible for you and our time allow. However occasionally we run behind schedule, because of urgent obstetrical issues or delay in surgery. We make every effort to inform you and keep you updated with progress.

This is electro diathermy procedure, taking few minutes to remove the lining of the uterus, the part, which is responsible for the bleeding.

Women with heavy or long periods and do not wish to have children in the future are the right candidates for the procedure you need to see specialist to rule out more serious cause of bleeding and make sure the procedure is suitable for you

Some women can experience mild pain, cramping and have vaginal discharge. The discharge can be intermittent for up to two weeks.

The chance to get pregnant is very much reduced and to fall pregnant there is a high chance the pregnancy will be lost, therefore we advise some form of contraception.

You will be seen 6 months after the procedure to check your compliance and the outcome of the procedure. More than 90 percent of patients were happy with the result.


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